What to Know Before Buying Electric Vibrating Motors for DIY Projects

24 July 2017
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Handling DIY projects may bring to mind creating something for your home or doing your own repair. The truth is, the DIY project industry is booming due to the increased interest in project kits as well as locally owned and made items. This means that people who were once doing their own DIY projects are now expanding and selling those projects as crafting kits. Some of the more popular crafting kits use small electric vibrating motors as part of the build. If you are considering some of these projects, there are a few things you should know before buying the motors you need.

Leads Included

When you first purchase electric vibrating motors, you may find that the motors you are purchasing or only the motor. This is especially true if you are buying them in small sizes for DIY project kits. This means that the motor will not have the battery and leads that it needs to function. If you are unfamiliar with using smaller vibrating motors and setting them up, then you may want to look for an option where the battery and leads are included either in the motor packaging or already connected. These usually have instructions that are easy to follow and can be easy to pack into a DIY project kit for resale.


Unfortunately, though there are some ideal DIY projects online that use electric vibrating motors and can be put together into a resellable DIY kit for customers, the voltage needed is not always mentioned. This is very common on DIY project sheets that are made from bloggers or other similar resources and shared throughout social media. Before you buy your motors, make sure that you have checked and done research on the voltage that will work for the project and that you are in keeping with that voltage. This will reduce accidental issues caused by overheating the completed device or causing too much power to be expended by the battery of the motor.

Cord and Wire Lengths

You will need to ensure that you have cord and wire for the electric vibrating motor. This is to connect it properly to the power source and switches as well as to mount it properly into the completed DIY project. You will need to make sure that you are buying the right length for both the cord and wires so that you can easily cut it to fit each project and place the needed wire in each kit along with extra should a mistake occur.

By making sure you keep these key points in line, you can ensure that you are purchasing the right motors for your needs and that they can easily be replaced should something break or go wrong. If you find yourself with a large order, consider contacting an electric vibrating motor manufacturer for bulk ordering and wholesale options. You can also contact companies like VSS - Vibration Systems & Solutions (Australia).