Industrial Control Transformers Manufactured and Supplied For Use in a Wide Variety of Applications

3 September 2017
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A huge range of industrial control transformers are available for use in a wide variety of applications. They are manufactured and supplied by specialists who design and produce industrial transformers, each with particular properties to suit a specific purpose. Industrial control transformers are used in machine tool control devices to isolate control circuits from all other power circuits and lighting circuits, or in any application that requires variable voltage to match the load, for example in applications that use inductive or resistive loads such as lighting, heating and motors.

Each industrial control transformer is manufactured according to strict specifications and is thoroughly tested for quality and accuracy in every aspect of their design, including insulation, continuity, turns ratio, and over potential. In addition to standard voltages, transformers can be custom made to a specified voltage using high quality, locally sourced materials in order to ensure durability, and are particularly suited to applications that require compact construction. Industrial transformers require minimal maintenance and are designed for ease of installation.

There are many different types of industrial control transformers to suit many different applications. The dry-type transformer is typically found in large industrial plants, data centres, or any other essential facility. They are available in various designs and can be installed in many different types of environments. Dry-type transformers are distinguished by the insulation of their windings, are available as either encapsulated (enclosed) or non-encapsulated (open), and may be isolation type, single phase or three phase.

Transformers for industrial applications are built robust and designed with durability in mind to enable them to operate in harsh conditions. The tanks are hermetically sealed so that contaminants do not come into contact with the oil, while biodegradable fluid is an eco-friendly alternative to standard oils. Zinc spraying is an option for transformers installed in particularly high-corrosive environments. Transformer manufacturers also supply transformer monitoring and protection equipment, and the option of cable boxes or open bushing arrangements.

Industrial control transformers can have voltage ratings of anywhere from 100kVA or less, to as high as 4000 kVA (three phase) in arrangements that are applicable to both indoor or outdoor environments. Control transformers are typically used in hospitals, schools, shopping centres and factories, and in many different types of buildings ranging from office and other commercial buildings to apartment and high rise buildings, while larger industrial uses include electrical distribution networks, mine sites, large warehouses, and in transport. No matter the technical requirements, manufacturers and suppliers of industrial control transformers can provide the right solution for any specific application.