Going Underground: The Benefits Of Installing A Below-Ground Car Elevator On Your Property

7 July 2017
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Keeping your vehicle safe from the elements and the attentions of car thieves is a top priority for any driver, and is doubly important if you are lucky enough to possess prized, expensive automobiles. For these drivers, the security provided by a simple garage may not be enough for true peace of mind -- if this applies to you, consider having a below-ground car elevator installed on your property.

These unique car elevators allow your valuable car to rest safely underground when not in use, and raise to ground level at the touch of a button so you can drive away with ease. Installing one of these crowd-pleasing lifts on your property is a significant investment, but the many benefits of installing a below-ground car elevator can be well worth the price.

What are the advantages of installing a below-ground car elevator on my property?


Below-ground car elevators are unmatched when it comes to keeping your vehicles safe from thieves, vandals and other ne'er-do-wells, completely hiding your car from view and securing it in a truly impregnable location -- the concrete foundations of a below-ground elevator mean your car can't even be dug out. This can give tremendous peace of mind to the serious driver, and is particularly valuable if you own a curbside property lacking other security features, such as perimeter fencing.


Once your vehicle has fully descended to its new subterranean home, a 'false' floor slides across to cover it. These false floors are more than capable of bearing the weight of another vehicle, so even a simple, single-bay car stacker can effectively double the car storage space on your property. Multi-vehicle below-ground elevators can increase storage space massively, allowing you to keep an entire fleet of valuable automobiles in sheltered safety.

Clean looks

Below-ground car elevators are particularly valuable to the dedicated car collector -- even the most expensive collection of vintage automobiles can look somewhat shabby if simply left out on your lawn. Hiding some or all of your vehicles in the bays of below-ground elevators can give your property a much cleaner, uncluttered look.

Easy parking

Similarly, parking in and pulling out of a traditional multi-car garage can be a nerve-wracking process, especially if space constraints force you to pack your vehicles closely together. With a below-ground car elevator, you simply drive your vehicle onto the bay, lower it and park another vehicle in the exact same bay, minimising the likelihood of damaging collisions, dents and scrapes.

Increased property value

Below-ground car elevators are permanent and practical installations on your property, and can dramatically increase the selling value of your home if you should ever decide to relocate. They are especially prized when installed on properties in wealthy areas, or in areas where car theft is more than an occasional problem.

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