Understand the Various Kinds of Hose Fitting for your Garden Hose

7 July 2017
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Different kinds of fittings exist in the market today. Some of them include plastic hose fittings, brass hose fittings, and nylon polymer hose fittings. Each type has been designed to make a perfect fit with your garden hose and control water with the required pressure. Understanding the different types of hose fittings will help you know the specific type needed for use around your home. The context of this article offers a starting point to help you understand the various types of hoses, their functionality, and advantages.

Brass Fitting

This type of hose fittings are designed for your garden hose using brass material. Brass hose fittings are the heaviest than all other types, and are the most expensive. They are designed in both male and female adapters, where male adapters have threads on the outside of the hose fitting, whereas female adapters have threads on the inward section of the hose fitting. Make sure you have both types of adapters to make it easy finding a brass hose fitting that is appropriate for your garden hose. They can be bought in your nearest garden supply store or home improvement centre.

Benefits of Use

1.    Highly durable than other types of hose fittings

Polymer and Nylon Hose Fittings

Polymer and nylon hose fittings can be classified as midpoint of the two other types of hose fittings; brass and plastic. The hose fittings are designed to be as durable as other types of fittings. The major composite material used to make polymer hose fitting can withstand high water pressure from the hose, and can last for a very long time when put to use. When looking for a hose fitting that is closely related to brass hose fitting in terms of performance and durability, polymer and nylon fittings will offer a slightly cheaper option.

Benefits of Use

1.    Durable especially when compared to plastic hose fittings

2.    Slightly cheaper than brass hose fittings

Plastic Hose Fittings

The design used for plastic hose fittings is similar to the brass type. They are generally lightweight and less expensive than other types. The hose is fairly durable and can withstand various levels of water pressure, making them perfect for daily home and garden use. It is advisable to purchase supply of plastic hose fittings at least to have on hand due to their low replacement cost.

Benefits of use

1.    They are pocket friendly than other types of fittings

2.    They are lightweight, hence easy to use