A Step by Step Guide to Using an Earth Auger Effectively

10 July 2017
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Earth augers are valuable pieces of equipment that are used for digging holes and are often used for fence post installation. The machine is powerful and runs under the influence of fuel, electricity, or gas. Operation of this machine requires you to familiarise with the standard safety precautions for safety purposes, as well as the methods to be used. Here is a breakdown of what needs to be done when handling this machine.

Fuel Operated Earth Auger

When dealing with a fuel powered auger, the first step is ensuring that the tank is full with the required fuel. Some equipment may need a mixture of gasoline and oil. If this is the case, mix the fuel in an open environment, far away from the equipment. After filling the fuel tank, put on protective clothing to prevent any dangers such as flowing hair and jewellery that might interfere as you operate the equipment. This includes ear protection, safety goggles, sturdy boots, and gloves. Go through all the instructions on the manual to familiarise yourself with all directions therein.

Attach the Auger Machine to the Powerhead

Inspect all the components of powerhead system and the earth auger equipment to identify any loose connections or broken parts. With all parts in check, proceed by keeping the powerhead system on a stable surface. Position the drive shaft on the powerhead to the auger. Use nails or pins to connect the auger machine to the powerhead.

Select your Area

Ensure that the ground below the area is safe before you begin the drilling process. To prevent dangerous hazards, you must avoid diggings earth surfaces that have gas pipes, plumbing systems, electric wires, and other risky components. You should also avoid working on rocky surfaces as this may damage the equipment and lower its value. In addition, the machine should not be forced to go beneath the ground with a lot of body weight. Make sure to never use an earth auger machine for drilling ice surfaces.

Begin the Drilling Process

Use both hands to hold your earth auger steadily by the handles. For augers that need to be operated by more than one person, get an extra hand and ensure that your operator is following the required steps. Position your earth auger machine over the ground surface to be dug. Start the engine of the machine and give it time to dig down the surface. Lower and raise the earth auger to offer more force if the earth surface is too dense.

To learn more about earth augers, contact an equipment hire service.