Choosing the right steel merchant for your business

10 July 2017
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If you need any form of steel, or steel fabrications for your business then steel merchants have a vital part to play in the health and growth of your company. You need to choose the right steel merchant for your business to increase efficiency and future profitability.

There are lots of steel sales companies around, what should you look for in a steel merchant? What would make a steel merchant the ideal fit for your business?

Quality of materials

You are looking for someone to supply you with steel, so the quality of the product must be the first consideration. If they can't do that then nothing else matters. Look for steel merchants who can guarantee the quality of the steel they provide. Ensure that it has passed all the relevant quality standards and is right for your requirements. You will be passing on this material to your own customers so it is your reputation at stake as well as the steel merchants.

Product range

Ideally you want to be able to source all of your steel from a single source. The more suppliers you have the more complex your supply chain becomes and the more likely that something will go wrong. Why use several companies for steel sales if a single supplier can meet your needs? Working with suppliers involves building solid relationships with individuals. It is better to build deeper relationships with a single supplier than to work with multiple suppliers who may be less familiar with the unique nature of your business.

Reliability of supply

Once you have found a steel merchant with a product you like then you should investigate them and ensure that they will be able to provide what you need on a regular basis. See what testimonials they can provide. Talk to their other customers if you can. Find a steel merchant with a solid reputation that gives you confidence that they can supply your business long into the future.

Product pricing

You will need a competitive price from any steel merchant with whom you choose to partner. A low price is always good but make sure that you are getting the right product quality, and that the price will be maintained. You don't want to tie your business to a single supplier only to find that they either can't supply you high quality steel, or that they want to double the price after a few weeks.

Following these simple steps will help you find a steel merchant that is right for your business.