Where can I use an AC Laminated Solenoid?

11 July 2017
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Solenoids can be found in a wide range of products that we all use every day. You might not realise it but they form a part of systems as diverse as door locking systems, computer printers, the fuel injection system on your car, HVAC and a vast array of other industrial applications. If you are a manufacturer who needs to purchase solenoids to incorporate in your products then you must make sure that you purchase the right type of solenoid for your particular use.

How does a solenoid work?

The basic operating principle behind a solenoid is really very simple. At the heart of all solenoids is a coil of wire and a metal core. The core is often made with laminated metal to reduce stray eddy currents which would otherwise affect the solenoid performance. When an electrical current is applied to the solenoid a consistent magnetic field is created. The magnetic field switches to an electric field and the two effectively become one to allow the solenoid to function. One of the most important facts to understand about a solenoid is that the magnetic field is uniform. This means that no matter how long the solenoid is the magnetic field remains constant along its length. This allows comparatively tiny electrical components to do huge amounts of work.

How are AC laminated solenoids used?

Powerful AC laminated solenoids can be used to open and close valves as required, and a range of other practical purposes. They are known for being able to deliver a large amount of force with their first stroke. AC solenoids can also deliver a longer stroke than a comparable DC solenoid. One of the principle advantages of this type of solenoid is that upon the application of electricity the solenoid reacts instantly. This fast response is key to many of the applications for which the solenoid is employed.

What other types of solenoid are available?

Other types of which you may want to consider, depending on your needs, are DC C-Frame solenoids, rotary solenoids, tubular solenoids, and u- frame solenoids. For some applications you may want to consider custom built solenoids. A solenoid can be wound to almost any specification with any number of turns on the coil, and using a wide variety of cores depending on your particular needs. Discussing your requirements with your supplier will enable you to discover the most appropriate type of solenoid for your situation.