7 Safety Devices You Need When Using Scaffolding

16 July 2017
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Before you hire scaffolding and send your crew up to work, you need to ensure you have the right safety elements in place. Depending on the work your crew are doing, they need a range of personal safety equipment such as hard hats, but beyond that, you need safety equipment that's specifically designed to help people on scaffolding. Here are seven items you need:

1. Level

Even if you set up the scaffolding correctly, it may be uneven if the ground underneath it isn't even. This risk is the largest when the scaffolding is placed on grass or dirt, but it can also come into play on old pavement.

A small pocket level can help you assess whether or not the scaffolding is level so you can adjust it accordingly.

2. Locking Caster Wheels

Caster wheels offer you a convenient way to move the scaffolding from spot to spot, but to ensure the scaffolding doesn't move when you don't want it to, you need locking caster wheels. With some wheels, you can add the locks retroactively.

3. Ladder

In most cases, the scaffolding is too high for the workers to just step onto it. It's dangerous for the workers to climb up the sides of the scaffolding, and a detached ladder risks falling to the side. To make mounting the scaffolding as safe as possible, look for a scaffolding design with an integrated ladder.

4. Railing

Once your workers are on the platform, you don't want them to accidentally step off the sides. So that isn't a risk, you should look for scaffolding that comes with a railing. Check the safety regulations in your area as well. In some cases, the scaffolding is only required to have a railing if the platform is a certain height above the ground.

5. Fall Arrest System

Even with a railing, falls can happen sometimes. Your workers need a fall arrest system to be safe. That should consist of a body harness, a cord and an anchoring system.

6. Spots for Tools

Tool storage may not sound like a safety device, but it indirectly helps to keep your employees safe. If tools and other supplies are scattered around on the platform of the scaffolding, those items are a tripping hazard. Storage helps avoid that risk.

7. Bracing and Guy Ropes

Finally, you need to ensure the scaffolding is steady. To that end, it should be braced to a building, supported by guy ropes or stabilised in some other way.

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