Key Points to Check Before You Hire a Shipping Container

19 July 2017
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When you find yourself in a position to hire a shipping container, you may think it is as easy as requesting the container and paying for appropriate fees. The truth is that there is a little more to the process than just ordering the shipping container. There are some key points that you should check on and consider before you begin the hire process. Here are a few of those key points and what you should know about each one.

Permits and Approval

One of the reasons that people turn to shipping containers is because of a large move. You may find that you will need to not only have your items stored and transported to the new location, but that you will need to store your items until movers can arrive. The problem with this is that you may find the need to have permits and approval from your local zoning authorities. This is usually reserved for areas that are densely populated, where larger shipping containers could cause an issue with parking, traffic, or zoning laws that are already in place. Before you hire a shipping container, make sure the permits you need are in place to avoid delays or an inability to access your items.

Delivery Fees

You may be under the misconception that all fees associated with the hire of a shipping container are included. The truth is that you may have fees tacked on for delivery. These delivery fees may include the removal of the shipping container from the truck, placement of the shipping container, removal of the empty shipping container, and a pre-set delivery charge for different areas of the country. Make sure that you check into these fees thoroughly to determine if they may be included in a bundled pricing or if any will change upon delivery of the shipping container.

Method of Shipment

If you have a long-distance move, then you may be given several options for a method of shipment of that shipping container. Some of these shipments may take longer than others, while some may have much larger fees and permits required. For example, if you are shipping the container via boat transport, then you may have to pay certain fees for port storage and removal of the container from the port it will be held in during the transport time. If you are transporting the shipping container by truck, then you may find there are certain weight limitations related to the container.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can reduce your fees by going with less expensive shipping container options and ensure that you are prepared for any issues that may occur.