Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Dishwashers in Tiptop Working Condition

22 August 2017
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If you run a restaurant, you know that activities can come to a grind in your commercial kitchen if your dishwasher goes out of service. Your commercial dishwasher helps you keep the kitchen clean by allowing you to clean dirty utensils, cookware and kitchen tools quickly and without much hassle.

Proper use and maintenance of your dishwasher is critical to minimising the need for commercial repair service. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your commercial dishwasher working properly for longer and reduce appliance repair costs.

Remove food scraps from dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwasher

Even the premium-brand commercial dishwashers available on the market today are not designed to work as a food disposal. You should instruct your kitchen staff to make sure they thoroughly scrape food debris from dirty utensils before cleaning them in the dishwasher. Let them know that failure to do so will lead to clogging issues.

Clean the filter regularly

Your dishwasher's filter does the job of catching large food debris that may clog up your drains. Over time, food debris builds up on the filters. If the buildup is not removed, it may lead to clogging problems, as it will block water from flowing into your kitchen drains. Inspecting the filter on a frequent basis as you check for buildup of food particles will help keep the water draining properly.

Keep the interiors of the appliance clean at all times

For your dishwasher to operate at peak efficiency, its interiors must be kept gunk-free. Before starting to clean the interiors of your dishwasher, be sure to turn the On-Off push button Off. Next, use a clean dry cloth and mild detergent solution to thoroughly wipe the top and sides of your dishwasher. You should also drain the wash tank and fill it with fresh water after every use.

Maintaining proper hygiene is of utmost importance to any restauranteur. Commercial dishwashers keep kitchen wares sparkling clean, but not all commercial dishwashers are created equal. That explains why there is no universal owner's manual for all commercial dishwashers. A common mistake that many restauranteurs make is to assume that all dishwashers operate the same way. They use and service their dishwasher without first reading and understanding the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the Owner's manual. This increases the potential for breakdowns, thus leading to costly repair costs. Follow the above tips to steer clear of costly commercial dishwasher repairs.