3 Things to Think About Before Hiring a Mobile Crane

23 January 2018
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There are plenty of mobile crane services across the country who have cranes and teams to operate them wherever and whenever you need them. No matter what the job, whether you are moving goods, working on a construction project or are in need of superior skills for a tight urban environment, you will be able to find someone who can get the job done.

However, not all crane services are the same, and actually finding the service that operates just as you need it to, and fits seamlessly into your other business operations, can actually be quite challenging. 

So with all the options on the market, what criteria should you use to select mobile cranes? How do you know which companies are competent and qualified and will help instead of hinder your project? Here are three things to think about before you make your decision.

Do they make safety a priority?

The very first thing you should feel confident in is that safety is a priority for the team you are working with. It does not matter how impressive their driving skills and loading skills are if they do not make the safety of your workers and their teammates a priority.

Key indicators include them knowing all the safety regulations they will have to meet, having a safety plan in place which can be adapted to your project and an openness in talking about their record. Be sure to ask them about safety in your initial conversations. If safety doesn't seem important, you really should think twice before working with them. 

Do they use the latest technology and vehicles?

You want to make sure that everything on your site is updated. This is not to say that older equipment can't still perform admirably, but all machinery needs to be in good condition. You would not let your cement team use malfunctioning mixers, and you should make sure your crane service has high quality equipment.

Ideally, the latest technology runs through the equipment used for your projects, with up-to-date cranes supported by superior communications technology and monitoring technology. Ask the crane service about their fleet and then do your research to make sure you understand the basics of it.

Are they offering competitive rates?

With so many crane services in the market, it may be tempting to go with the first company you find. Make sure you get a full upfront quote before the project starts which includes any additional fees. Compare this with at least three other crane companies to make sure you are getting a sensible price. Ask about any additional charges they may add on; you do not want to get to the end of the project and find out the costs were much more simply because you didn't understand your own project, the contract or your initial quote.