5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Toilets for Your Construction Site

23 August 2018
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If you have a crew of employees working on a building site, you need to provide them with a place to use the toilet. Typically, that means that you need to hire some portable toilets. While choosing a toilet for your construction site, you may want to ask the portable toilet hire companies the following five questions.

1. How Many Toilets Do You Recommend?

The number of toilets you need varies based on the number of people in your construction crew and how often they plan to be at the site. You can let the hire company know about the volume of use you expect the toilet to get, and then they will advise you on how many toilets you need.

2. Do You Offer Servicing?

Regardless of how many toilets you hire, you will need to get them serviced. Ask the hire company how often they can service the toilets, and get a sense of what they do when servicing the toilet. How often can they remove the waste? Do they also clean the interior of the toilet? Do they refill essentials such as hand sanitiser and toilet paper? Those are the types of questions you may want to ask.

3. Can You Provide a Cleaning Checklist?

Depending on how often the hire company is going to service the toilets, you may need to clean them yourselves. To ensure the toilets get cleaned on a regular basis, you may want to use a checklist. An effective checklist can simply be a chart with a column for names and times. Then, people can note when they cleaned the portaloo, and you can make sure that it's getting cleaned on a regular basis.

4. Do You Have Handwashing Stations?

To keep germs to a minimum, you may want to hire a handwashing station in addition to the portaloo. With a handwashing station, you don't have to rely on hand sanitiser. Your employees can simply wash their hands as they do in a traditional toilet, but you also have to deal with a water tank or have a plumbing hook-up.

5. Do You Have Flushable Toilets?

Rather than dealing with traditional toilets, you may want to upgrade your employees' experiences to flushable hire toilets. These come connected to water and waste tanks. Most of them flush automatically, so you don't have to worry about germs on the flushing handle, but you also don't have to deal with the visuals associated with non-flushing portaloos.